“A Healthy Dose of Doubt”
John 20:19-31
Dr. Robert J. Anderson
April 12, 2015


Ever lie in bed wondering…?  Ever daydream wondering…?  Ever lie in bed wondering what life is really all about?  Ever wonder if your hopes and dreams are destined never to be fulfilled?  Ever doubt what you've been told about God and the nature of things?  Ever wonder if living a loving life, or being generous, or trusting in a life to come, is just wishful thinking?  I bet you have.  I know I have.  Everybody doubts from time to time, everybody has an occasional, if not a prolonged, "dark night of the soul."  Even great persons of faith and service have questions.


“Our Journey’s Road Map”
Exodus 20:1-7
Dr. Robert J. Anderson
March 8, 2015


This season of Lent we continue looking at passages not usually associated in our minds with Lent.  The first two weeks of Lent we looked at passages from Genesis: the first week, it was the flood story and God’s covenant with Noah sealed with rainbow in the sky; the second week, it was the story of God’s covenant with Abraham and Sarah – new names for them and God – where God promises that they will be parents of a multitude of people.


“One Who Remembers”
Genesis 9:8-17
Dr. Robert J. Anderson
February 22, 2015


A biblical story about the flood in the book of Genesis seems like a strange one to pick for the first Sunday in Lent.  But, I thought this Lent we could look at some scripture passages not usually in our minds with Lent. The flood story is really about God’s Plan B.