“Love, Friends, Chosen”
John 15:9-17
Dr. Robert J. Anderson
May 10, 2015


The Beetles sang to us in 60’s that “All We Need Is Love.”  Those were turbulent times filled with the Viet Nam War and Civil Rights.  “All We Need Is Love” created two main reactions.  One was an enthusiastic embrace of love as a simple solution to the problems the world faced.  The other was a critical rejection of love as a dreamy emotion that would lull people into thinking that things would get better while the problems only got worse.


“Vine and Branches”
John 15:1-8
Dr. Robert J. Anderson
May 3, 2015


“I am the vine and you are the branches… apart from me you can do nothing.”  It is the passage that I’ve used most often as we share together the cup of Communion.


The passage reminds us where we get our life, strength, and hope.  The basic image of this passage is one of community and the relational nature of Christian faith.  So, at the very beginning the image challenges our thoughts about the idea that we are sovereign individuals: rugged individualism; pioneer spirit; pull yourself up by your own bootstraps; God helps them that help themselves.  The very idea of community is seen as foreign to our lives.  From this perspective, the church seems to be something that we are a part of separate from the major areas of our lives such as family and work.


“Ten Years of Listening to the Spirit”
Acts 4:5-12
Dr. Robert J. Anderson
April 26, 2015


The saying is that no good deed goes unpunished.  It seems like when we try to do something good, it backfires.  This is what happened to Peter and John.  Their practice was to go daily to the temple.  On the day before the events in today’s passage, they came upon a beggar asking for money.  Peter told him he had no money but what he did have he would give him, and he reached out and lifted him to walk in the name of Jesus!