“Not Losing Your Soul in Your Work”

Matthew 16: 21-28

Dr. Robert J. Anderson

August 31, 2014


Here we are on Labor Day weekend.  What does it mean?  Why is there a Labor Day?


What do you think of when you think of Labor Day?  In my family growing up it was the traditional or practical end of summer!  School started (had already in some cases); the lazy, crazy days of summer were over and it was time to get back to work; it fills the need to have a three-day weekend at this time of year.


The idea of Labor Day started way back in 1885.  Different states slowly adopted it.  Oregon was the first state to make it a law on February 21, 1887.  The US Congress finally got onboard on June 28, 1894 when it was nationally codified to be the first Monday in September.  Labor Day, the first Monday in September, is a creation of the labor movement and is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of American workers. It constitutes a yearly national tribute to the contributions workers have made to the strength, prosperity, and well-being of our country.

“The Aha Moment”

Matthew 16:13-20

Dr. Robert J. Anderson

August 24, 2014


We have all experienced it haven’t we?--that sudden burst of knowledge, insight and/or recognition that sometimes comes to each of us.  Suddenly the light goes on!  Staring at Sudoku puzzle or a Cross Word clue for the hundredth time and bingo, the answer comes to us.  Perhaps you are watching a movie bugged by the fact that you know the actor really well but cannot recall their name and later that evening it seems as if out of nowhere their name pops up in your head.  Do you do jigsaw puzzles?  You look and look for a piece to put in its place with no success.  You take a break and the next time you walk passed the puzzle there it is!  It verily jumps out at you!


“Breaking Through Is Hard to Do”

Matthew 15: 10-28

Dr. Robert J. Anderson

August 17, 2014



We learn a lot through the experiences we live through.  We can learn some positive things, and we can learn some negative ones as well.


This past week Diane and I observed the 41st anniversary of my ordination as a Presbyterian Church (USA) pastor.  It happened in my home congregation, Hiland Presbyterian Church (spelled differently than Highlands Presbyterian Church) to which I came 13 years ago in Daytona Beach.  In some ways the years have gone by quickly; other days not so much!  My mother was an Elder and she participated in the ordination service by Pittsburgh Presbytery.  My dad was in the hospital and could not attend.  A member of the church videotaped the service, so he could see it.  And, because of that, I have the service today.