“Character of God: Comfort, Compassion, Generosity”

Matthew 21:1-16

Dr. Robert J. Anderson

September 21, 2014


God is about creating new people and an alternative way of living.  “Behold!  I am doing a new thing!” said God.

Our passage from the book of Exodus is after God led the people out of Egypt, and they are in the wilderness between Egypt and The Promised Land.  In Egypt, the Israelites were enslaved by the Egyptians.  They were dominated and their way of life was domination.  The Egyptians were the masters, they were the slaves and their role was submission.  The Egyptians were rich and the Israelites were poor.  The Egyptians were powerful and the Israelites were powerless.  The people grumble out in the wilderness that they didn’t have food, and why did God let them come to the wilderness to die when they could’ve died in Egypt?



“Hurtful Intention - Intentional God”

Genesis 50:15-21

Dr. Robert J. Anderson

September 14, 2014


9/11 was a day that transformed out country and our world.  Where were you on the fateful day and what were you doing?  I bet you remember.  I know I do!


September 11, 2001 was a Presbytery meeting on the other side of the Presbytery at the Life Enrichment Center.  Diane and I had only been in Florida just short of three months.  Diane was home working to make our house a home, and I was away at an overnight Presbytery meeting.  Because we, the commissioners and clergy, were in the Presbytery meeting our cell phones were turned off.  We had no idea what was going on.  About 10:30 that morning there was a break and people went outside and turned on their cell phones and heard about the planes crashing into the Twin Towers and a missing plane--the one that later crashed into the field in Pennsylvania (we would later learn that it flew over the township we lived in before moving to Florida).  I had a voicemail from Diane and called her, and she told me what was happening.  The presbytery meeting ended early and I will remember driving through Deland on the way home and people with flags and signs on the street corners.


“A Beacon of Faith is Also a Person Watched”

Romans 13:8-14

Dr. Robert J. Anderson

September 7, 2014


We live in a coastal area and have our own lighthouse—Ponce Intlet.  Lighthouses are popular even though they have been replaced with newer technology.


My first encounter with a lighthouse that I am aware of is the Hatteras Lighthouse.  I went there as a young teenager with my parents and sister who was pregnant with her first child and my first niece.  Some of the things I remember are--I got sunburned really bad, and I remember I couldn’t straighten my legs.  We went to the lighthouse and after climbing the steps to the top twice, my legs were straight and I was good to go!  The next thing was the stories of the shipwrecks.  I think there were some partially hidden wrecks in the sand.  I learned that the lighthouse was to warn the sailors about the dangerous water, so they could avoid being shipwrecked.  That trip started my liking and collecting lighthouses.  I climb to the top of all the ones I can.