“Can’t See the God Who Acts For the Rules”

Matthew 23:1-12

Dr. Robert J. Anderson

November 2, 2014



As we listen to Jesus’ words that I read from Matthew, and we hear his accusations of hypocrisy; and if we are to stand in a line admitting he is right, I’d be in that line!


We hypocrites crave approval, and we claim credit for work done and not done.  We want to look good in the sight of others.  We want to be thought of as the one doing fine work.  We want people to know that the job done badly wasn’t done by us.  We drop names of people to appear to be important and be in the know.  We want to be the center of attention; the focus of praise.  At one time or another, I am guilty of one or more of these true statements that portray a hypocrite!  May be you find yourselves in them too.



“Simply Spreading God’s Love”

1 Thessalonians 2:1-8

Dr. Robert J. Anderson

October 26, 2014


We share a lot of things with each other don’t we?  We feel comfortable with one another, and so we pass on this and that.


We share from our experience.  What we learn and what we know we pass on readily.  We tell people we know where to find the cheapest gas prices.  You’d think the way some of us look for the cheapest gas that we are talking about saving big bucks instead of less than a dollar on a tank full!  Someone recently told the story of a person that went to a full-service gas station and put in a $1.00’s worth; then went across the street to the station that was a couple of cents per gallon cheaper.  At least, they got their windshield cleaned!  You find a restaurant you like, you tell people.  You find a good bargain at the store and you share the news with others.  You receive poor service someplace, you tell your friends to “stay away from there!”  And, so it goes, we share with one another.



“Why Can’t Things Be Simple?”

Matthew 22:15-20-22

Dr. Robert J. Anderson

October 19, 2014


There are quite a bit of similarities between the Israel of Jesus’ day and the birth of our nation.  Occupation and taxation unite our country with the time of Jesus.  Both countries were occupied or ruled by another.  The colonies were under England.  Israel was ruled by Rome. 

Then there were the taxes.  The 13 colonies were pushed toward revolution by taxes.  There was the Boston Tea Party of 1773.  Another pushed was the Stamp Act of 1775.  “Taxation without representation!” was heard from Boston to Baltimore to Charleston!  It was similar in 1st Century Israel.  The Jews paid taxes to support the Roman government and the Roman troops.  The taxes were exorbitant!  Rome set the rate and the tax collectors collected what they wanted above it for themselves!