“A Wellness Check”

Matthew 25:31-46

Dr. Robert J. Anderson

November 23, 2014



This story in Matthew’s gospel is familiar to us.  It is a story of the last judgment.  When the Son of Man comes, all the nations will be gathered before him.  The sheep on one side and the goats on the other side.  Next there is a list of things the sheep did:  fed the hungry, gave drink to the thirsty, welcomed a stranger, clothed the naked, took care of the sick, and visited the prisoners.  Because they did this, they are welcomed into the eternal kingdom.  The sheep are baffled, for they don’t remember ever doing this to the Son of Man.  The answer is that whenever they responded to human need, they did it to him.



“Live Leaving Your Amazing Footprints”

Matthew 25:14-30

Dr. Robert J. Anderson

November 16, 2014


I bet, from past experience, that when you figured out that today’s gospel lesson is the Parable of the Talents, you thought “Here goes another stewardship sermon” or simply about using the gifts that God gives each one of us.  But, maybe there is another way of looking at this parable.


“God Is a God Who Comes”

1 Thessalonians 4:13-18

Dr. Robert J. Anderson

November 9, 2014



The occasion of Paul’s words to the people in the Thessalonian church is to address their apprehension.  What happens with the believers who died?


What do we think about those who have died and what will become of them?  Early on the believers, including Paul, believed that Jesus’ return was imminent.  It would happen in their life time.  They were concerned about being too encumbered with the things of this life, that they wouldn’t be able to serve Jesus when he returned.  Some didn’t want to get married or have families for this reason.  It was like they lived each day seeing the light of Jesus’ return just over the horizon, and it would burst forth at any moment.  While they are waiting for Jesus’ return, some of their members died.  What will happen with them?  Will they miss out on the joy of Christ’s return?  They are grieving for their loved ones, and they are afraid that those who died won’t share with them, the living, in the benefits of Christ’s return.