“Memories, Dreams, and One Last Scripture”

1 Corinthians 1:18-25, 2:1-5

Dr. Robert J. Anderson

June 21, 2015


My ordination was on Sunday, August 12, 1973, and I was installed as the pastor of the Vanport Presbyterian Church in September.


I wondered what life was like in 1973, so I looked up a few things.  Nixon was President and Agnew Vice President (at least for part of the year, as he was the first of the resignations of the two highest elected officials in our country).  A postage stamp cost $.06.  The movie The Exorcist popular.  An almost unnoticed break in at the Watergate happened.  The median household income was $10,512.00.  The median price of house was about $32,000.00.  Milk cost $1.31/gal.  Eggs $.78/doz.  Gas was $.39/gallon before the oil crisis and it shot up $.55/gal.  Remember the lines at the gas stations and rationing?


Luke 13:22-30
Dr. Robert J. Anderson
June 7, 2015


This story about Harold is a true story.  It is not about me under a different name, or about anyone you know.  There, however, is probably a little of Harold in each one of us.


Harold was one of those children who never seemed to fit in, although he wanted to very much.  He wasn’t athletic, though he was very interested in sports.  He often daydreamed about hitting the winning home run in the ninth inning with two outs, a runner on base, and being down one run, or scoring the winning touchdown or goal.  His reality was that he couldn’t catch or hit very well, and his hands were all thumbs when it came to handling a football.


“Same Old Story – BUT It Doesn’t Have to Be”
Acts 2:1-21
Dr. Robert J. Anderson
May 24, 2015


Many of you know the story of Pentecost better than me perhaps.  We hear it every year.  Has it become so known as to no longer be heard?  Is it stale and/or old hat?


What kinds of things have been done over the years to commemorate the gift of the Holy Spirit and the birthday of the church?  We’ve worn red clothes to symbolize the fire of Pentecost.  We’ve used red balloons to remind us of the Holy Spirit on the wind going where it wills.  There have been Pentecost cakes – birthday cakes celebrate the day the church was born.  All kinds of things to refresh our understanding of Pentecost and the coming of the Holy Spirit.