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                                         APRIL INSPIRATIONS

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    Every now and then, a person with no agenda, no ulterior motive and no self-interest will take pleasure in helping you to succeed, grown and live your purpose.  This person will operate in love, will seek no praise, and will want nothing in return.  This person is a gift.


     Saint Augustine:

                   "God loves each of us as if there were only one of us."



                                                 MUSICAL NOTES

                                   "The Wonders Of Redeeming Love"

                                                  (from Hymn 216)

     The season of Lent is with us a little longer as we move into the beautiful month of April.  Remember, "Lent" refers to the season of Spring.  It comes from the Old English word "lencten" from about a thousand years ago, but the tradition of Lent dates back to the first centuries of Christianity.

     One of the favorite hymns of Lent is "Beneath the Cross of Jesus." The poem is by Elizabeth Clephane.  According to Michael Hawn of the Perkins School of Theology, it "was first published three years after the author's death in 1872 under the title 'Breathings of the Border,' perhaps a double entendre referring to a geographical location near the Scottish Borders, and a reference to the border between life and death. This poem and others of hers appeared in the Scottish Presbyterian magazine The Family Treasury, submitted by an anonymous source, perhaps a family memeber or friend. 

     This hymn presents us with a picture of the cross not only as a shelter and reief from the trials of our everday lives but so much more.  We are led to contemplate the incomprehensible love of the One who took our sins upon Himself and offered his life to punishment, and even the power of death because the cross is not the end of the story.

     Perhaps reading this poem should first make us uncomfortable.  It is painful, and some would say unfashionable, to be reminded of "my unworthiness" and of "my sinful self," but none of us can claim to be perfect.  That is why we come together to learn about God's transforming love, care, and forgiveness.

     As we near Holy Week, I invite you to use the poetry of hymns like this one in your Lenten meditations, and please share one of your favorite hymns with me. 

    "I will sing of your steadfast love, O Lord, forever; with my mouth I will proclaim your faithfulness to all generations." (Psalm 89:1 NRSV)


                                 LENTEN SERIES CONTINUES

      Tuesday, April 2nd, 9th, and 16th, at 5:30pm. in the Disciple's Room.  

    The text is Adam Hamilton's "Simon Peter". April is the final 3 weeks and all are invited to attend for this informative lesson on the book.  


                                           JOY BIBLE STUDY

Spring is a season of renewal and new growth.  This is a time of beautiful colors, except for the green pollen which brings on the sniffles.  It is a time to reflect on the goodness of God and His incredible love for us. 

     The Joy Bible Study will meet in the Disciples Room on April 9, 2019 at 10:30am. Two parables will be discussed.  "The Prodigal Son" and "The Dishonest Manager"


                                   SUNDAY ADULT BIBLE STUDY CLASS

    Don't forget every Sunday morning at 9:00am in the Disciples Room we have a Bible Study on current events as applied to the Bible.  Always an informative and interesting class.

     If you would like to receive the study every week be sure to contact the church office at (386)253-2324


                                                 BOOK CLUB

Our April book selection is The Lighthouse Keeper's Daughter by Hazel Gaynor.

Our meeting will be held on Saturday, April 27th, 2019 at 12:00pm.  Information on meeting place please call the church office at (386)253-2324.


                            CENTRAL FLORIDA PRESBYTERY

Central Florida Presbytery will host a Central Florida's Presbytery Women's Group on April 30th, at 2pm at Westiminster-by-the-Sea, 3221 South Penisula Drive, Daytona Beach, Fl.


                                           APRIL MISSION

     One Great Hour of Sharing offering is our April Mission.  The offering will be collected throught the month of April.  OGHS offers an opportunity for each of us to share with people in need around the world giving them much more than a handout. 

     We ensure that children suffering from disease receive treatment and also enjoy benefits of a community made safer with proper sanitation and clean water.  Families are offered food and tools and training to build sources of income improving their world and ours. 

     "Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have." Hebrews 13:161



"Afternoon of Music with Casey's Friends and Family" will be on Sunday, April 28, 2019 at 4:00pm at the church.  The special guests will be "The Ritz Voices" from Jacksonville. 

     Whether you like jazz, contemporary gospel, bluegrass, show tunes, or some other genre of music, the performers will offer something for everyone including dance. This event is sponsored by the Fellowship/Hospitality Committee as a fund raiser for the church; donations will be accepted.

     Refreshments will be provided and the Deacons and Elders are providing desserts.  Come, bring a friend, and be blessed!


                              SPECIAL DATES TO REMEMBER

SUNDAY-               APRIL 14-          10:00AM-     PALM SUNDAY SERVICE

THURSDAY-           APRIL 18-            5:00PM-     MAUNDAY THURS SERVICE 

SUNDAY-               APRIL 21-            8:30AM-     EASTER BREAKFAST

SUNDAY                APRIL 21-           10:00AM-    EASTER SERVICE



                                         Pastor's Corner

                                             April 1, 2019

   "But the Pharisees and the teachers of the law muttered, "This man welcomes sinners and eats with them."    

Luke 15:2

     During our recent visit to the Southern Caribbean Islands I observed that we/traveler's take our bodies, souls, and culture with us and also make every effort to be at least as comfortable as we are at home!  As we move through various parts of God's world we also take our sense of timing and our judgements.  Our personal cultures and various definitions of comfort were dragged along the trip as well. By the end of the day our bodies were dusted with the sea salt, heat, sun, turquoise water, as vestiges of the day's activities.

     We returned to our cabins, showered, and rested in order to be ready for the evenings activites.  One evening my husband and I attended the presentation of a wonderful dance troupe called "Humanity".  The dances were an articulation of generational music set to each distinct time and place in world history.  Much of the music were tunes that all of us at some time on our lives could relate to. The next night they featured the dance troupe again and this time as the audience was finding their seats a fight broke out among two men in their 80's fighting for the availability of a front row seat in the ships auditorium.  It was said that one man "punched out" the other man.  The next morning some of the ship's guests observed a man being led off the ship with his baggage. 

     This "PUNCH OUT" incident was "muttered" throught the ship along with some other "mutterings" and along with those "mutterings" came judgement, and a plethora of jokes; not the mention that that same eveining two ladies were escorted from the main dining rooom for having a heated argument over Mr. Trump and the late Sen. John McCain.  It was obvious that we not only carry our sins and bad behavior with us, but we forget who we are as Christians and that we also carry our faith and our devotion to God with us....no matter where we are in God's world thanks be to God. For "this man welcomes sinners and eats with them."










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