United Presbyterian t-shirts brought to you by the fellowship team

United Presbyterian shirts like the one pictured at the left are available from the Fellowship and Hospitality Team at a cost of $12.00.  They are available in medium, large, and extra-large.

Proceeds from the shirt sale will go into the Casey Baker Friends & Family Fund to provide for some unexpected opportunities here at UPC.  For example, $100 was given recently to the harpist that shared her praise for God in Sunday worship.

The Fellowship Team hopes that everyone will get a shirt and wear it on the first Sunday in January!  The shirts may also be worn whenever traveling on a church excursion such as the Holy Land Experience last month.

There is a sign-up sheet in the narthex to use for ordering your shirt and some are available in the church office.


The 2015 Family Fun Books are available in the office.  The cost is $20.00.

The 2015 UPC Cruise is set for February 1-8 and there are 26 people going on this cruise.  In addition to the fellowship, seeing part of God’s creation, money will be raised for Mission.  UPC will receive money back from Carnival and this will be distributed in equal shares to the Presbyterian Counseling Center and Halifax Urban Ministries.

The desire has been to have as many people as possible enjoy this cruise.  Not only is it a case of “the more the merrier” but more people means more money for the Presbyterian Counseling Centerand Halifax Urban Ministries!  To this end, assistance was offered to enable people go on the cruise.  The Memorial Fund was gracious to advance the cruise $300.00 for this purpose.  The people cruising http://blogs.sun-sentinel.com/south-florida-travel/files/2011/10/Carnival-Liberty-ALT.jpg are expected to “fund raise” to repay the Memorial Fund.  There was a bake sale and selling the Family Fund Books ($10/book is kept by UPC) is to repay the Memorial Fund.  Should more money be raised through the bake sale and sale of the Family Fun Books, this extra will be added to what is received from Carnival and distributed equally between the Presbyterian Counseling Center and Halifax Urban Ministries.

The Family Fun Books make a great Christmas present for the person that has everything.  It is full of discount coupons for restaurants & attractions and golf & activities.  Stop in the office to pick up one or more or speak with one of the people going on the cruise.


Feeding the Hungry

ANOTHER BIG THANK YOU to all who prepared and served meals on November 3, 2014, at Halifax Urban Ministries-Bridge of Hope.  Those who participated were Jo-Anne Anderson, Muriel and Bob Brown, Renee Getz, Maxine Gidlund, Peggy Loucks and Nancy Carr, Jack Ottoson, Holmes Davis, Dot Page, Carol Torrance, and Janice Wallen.  We served 28 from the shelter and 280 clients.  Delicious soup was part of the menu.  Thanks also to Karen Collins, Linda Davis and Holmes Davis for picking up breads and pastries from Publix on Wednesdays and Fridays and to all who drop off the clean plastic bags (Publix, WalMart, etc.) and food in the Narthex.  Our next HUM feeding day will be Monday, December 1st.

A THANK YOU GET TOGETHERfor all who volunteered this last year will be held at the Bridge of Hope on Thursday, December 18th from 3:00 to 5:00 PM.  Hope all of us can attend.  Please contact Bob Brown if you want to carpool to this event.

Thank you for all the donated food you put in the big blue baskets at church.  Thanks again for the monetary donations in the mission “buff” envelopes for HUM too.  Your donated jars of peanut butter for the CROP walk was appreciated too.